The definitive sport betting tip service to make your bankroll grow! Here at betinvestpro, we believe that by closely following our betting strategies, you too will be able to succeed in achieving steady and sustained long term bankroll growth. We ourselves have used these systems to see an excellent return on initial deposits and by replicating our strategies, we believe you will too! Just subscribe to start replicating our system.


Have you ever met someone who made millions overnight from a series of 100/1 bets?
We certainly haven't, and if they claim they have, we'll give you good odds that they're lying! That's why if you want to be successful at Sports Betting, a long term strategy is the only way to have a shot at making money from this. We provide professional betting advice for sport: football score predictions, betting tips, betting systems, football betting tips, football tips, betting advice, premier league predictions, tennis, basketball, ice hockej etc.





So what is our system ?



Obviously, the first thing you need is to make more correct predictions than not. But secondly, and more importantly, you need to have a system that works in making you turn those predictions into sustained long term gains. A great strategy will enable you to reap the rewards when you guess correctly, and minimise losses or even turn them into just small gains, when the match goes against you. Our email subscription service uses our progression systems:





Progression :



This is a typical progression bet, where after losing we place the next bet for accordingly the amount. This strategy works on the basis that it's very hard to lose all bets in a row. Of course, it's possible, so it's best to avoid placing a large percentage of your bankroll on this strategy. Our profitability is measured as a yield and expressed as a percentage, which shows you our profit in relation to cost. Split your pot by the following percentages to maximise return:


In our service we offer two forms of cooperation:


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2. Running the game on behalf of the client.

If you do not have free time to hosting the game, you can outsource it to us, then we deal with the whole game on your behalf. For those interested in more information send individual email, please just contact us at the following address: contact@betinvestpro.co.uk